The beneficial effects of kriya yoga

Kriya yoga is an universal amenity for all humanity\'s ailments: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is the answer to all the sufferings on those levels as it offers all encompassing growth and peace. Kriya yoga changes a person and brings him or her to their goal. It has a potential to transform all societies and nations and so to bring forth an epoch of peace, wealth, and happiness.

As one practices kriya and breathes deeply, the lungs, the heart, and the brain get richly supplied with oxygen. Since oxygen is the food for brain, one experiences increasing spiritual capacity. Spiritual effectiveness is then improved, as well as a sharp and a fast mind.


Kriya is excellent for the entire body. With just a few simple movements, all the organs become activated and filled with new energy. One gains physical, psychical, and mental health. Its inseparable effects reflect in a personal transformation and spiritual growth.