Group meditations

The group meditations are held every Wednesday at 7 o\'clock P.M. in Ilica 315 / I in Zagreb. During the hollidays and throughtout the summer the meetings do not take place. If you are not a regular visitor, it is advisable to call in advance to check for possible changes in schedule, or cancellations of a meeting.

What do we do at the group mediations?

The teachers advise to meditate in a group at least once a week. We meditate together with the teachers voice and blessing. Our group meditations are guided. We have a several meditation recordings led by baba Prajananandaji in Zagreb, and it is common practice that we meditate accompanied by the CD recording. Some experience the group meditations as much deeper, and it is irrefutable that the master\'s presence and blessing is felt there.

We meditate as well on our own at our homes in silence once or twice a day, without external guidance. The CD with the guided meditation is used exclusively at the group meditations.