About the seminars

The seminars in Zagreb usually take place from Friday to Sunday. There is an open lecture on kriya yoga on Friday evening, held by a kriya yoga teacher. Those that are interested in this technique attend a two day seminar. The initiation in kriya yoga takes place on Saturday morning, and is a special event and experience. It can be described as a sort of a purification and a consecration. The teacher then explains and demonstrates the technique which consists of seven parts. It is then performed together with the teacher and the participants. Afther the lunch break, the technique is explained once more, and then the questions and answers take place followed by a leaded group meditation (ie. practicing the technique). On Sunday we continue with another whole day of meditations, questions and answers, lectures, and so on. You can find out all that is neccessary for the initiation at the introductory lecture or from one of the contacts for our association. So far, Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji, swami Shudananandaji, and swami Mangalanandaji have been in Zagreb since 1997..