Events in Croatia

1. Seminars of kriya yoga in Croatia... 

1. Our kriya yoga seminars take place in Zagreb at Ilica 315, ÄŚrnomerac, but now we can't plan any seminars because of Covid 19.

Our usual schedule looks like this:
Friday,                  19:00       Introductory Lecture  (free for all)
Saturday,              9:00        Initiation into Kriya Yoga (I. kriya)
                           13:00       Break for Lunch
                           16:00       Explanation of the Kriya Yoga Technique
Sunday,              8.30        Meditation, only II. kriya
10.00       Questions and Answers, for all
                        11.30        Meditation, I. kriya
                        12:30        Break for Lunch
                        15:30        Lecture
                        16:00       Meditation, I. kriya

The seminar usually finishes about 17:00.

For initiation into 1. kriya you need: 70 Euros (seminar fee for 2 days), 5 fruits, 5 flowers.
In introductory lecture you will get more information and you can ask questions!
The seminar fee for initiated participiant: 15 Euros per day!

More information by Katija: +385 91 7998916; e-mail: