Events in Croatia

1. The next seminars of kriya yoga in Croatia... 

1. The next kriya yoga seminar in Zagreb will be held at Ilica 315, Črnomerac, from 11.10- 13.10.2019  by swami Mangalananda Giri.

Programm in Zagreb
Friday, 2018, Oktober 11                 19:00       Introductory Lecture  (free for all)
Saturday, 2018, Oktober 12              9:00        Initiation into Kriya Yoga (I. kriya)
                                                      13:00       Break for Lunch
                                                      16:00       Explanation of the Kriya Yoga Technique
Sunday, 2018, Oktober 13                8.30        Meditation, only II. kriya
Questions and Answers, for all
                                                      11.30        Meditation, I. kriya
                                                      12:30        Break for Lunch
                                                      15:30        Lecture
                                                      16:00       Meditation, I. kriya

The seminar will finish about 17:00.

For initiation into 1. kriya you need: 70 Euros (seminar fee for 2 days), 5 fruits, 5 flowers.
In introductory lecture you will get more information and you can ask questions!
The seminar fee for initiated participiant: 15 Euros per day!

More information by Katija: +385 91 7998916; e-mail: