What is kriya yoga

Kriya yoga is an ancient mediation technique based on concentration and breathing. It dates from the Vedic times when people - free from all dogmatic religious systems and fanatic ideas - practiced this technique. The goal of kriya is a quick evolution of mankind. The restless mind is calmed by controlled breathing and inner peace is attained within a short time. It is a spiritual path that excludes religious dogmas, blind beliefs or superstitions. With regular practice, the body, the mind, the intellect, and the soul grow at the same time.

It is the essence and the synthesis of all the yoga techniques being taught in the world. It is mentioned in the Patanjalis Yogasutras. As time passed, this technique was neglected and soon completely vanished, until the mid 19th century when the immortal Babaji Maharaj rediscovered it and gave it to the world, with a mission to upraise mankind's spirituality.

Kriya yoga is a miraculous technique that is very simple and easy to practice, and quickly attains results.

Explanation of the term "kriya yoga"

The term kriya yoga comes from the Sanskrit and is composed of two words: kriya and yoga.

Yoga signifies the unity of an individual soul with the universal soul, ie. the unity of man with God. The general meaning of the word yoga is unity or unification. The metaphorical meaning signifies the cognition of the Self and the Brahman being one and the same. The goal of yoga is the realization of the all encompassing existence of God.

The word kriya is composed of two syllables, kri and ya. Kri means to perform one's work of the daily life; ya means directing the attention on the invisible God at all times, who is present in all of us and who directs our work and activities and performs them through us.

Kri signifies the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space, ie. vacuum), that is the first five chakras of a human being (the 5 basic roles of a human being are: earning money, partnership and sex, taking food and drinks, emotional life and intelect, philosophy, religion).

Kriya yoga causes all these elements to be in unison, which results in realization and completion. The Bible says that 'the God created man from the dust and gave him life through his breath'. The Dust represents the five elements, and the Life is the soul. Ya represents both the soul and the spirit.

According to this, kriya signifies the unification of the soul and the body. To live the everyday life as conducted by the brain, and to watch the invisible God at the same time, who animates the brain. Without that invisible being, the brain cannot function. A dead man cannot think, since the invisible soul is absent. That is why it is essential to be reminded at all times that every thought comes from the inner invisible Self. When a man realizes that the Self inside him, which is the only active instance, and that the God himself is the one that acts and operates in the body, he reaches the selfrealization.