The technique

The scientific technique of kriya yoga, which is taught in the Karar ashram in Puri (the main center for kriya yoga) and in the ashrams and centers connected with it, is very simple and can easily be learned, and excludes all traditional cumbersome exercises. This spiritual technique, taught by Lahiri Mahasaya, is particularly convenient for people who live with their families. The simple and easy to perform breath control technique, reestablishes the inner balance and speeds up the path of realization. However, one needs the guidance of a realized guru to practice the kriya technique.

The Kriya yoga is based exclusively on natural breathing, with no difficult withholding of the breath and closing the nostrils. The kriya yogi doesn't have to perform the numerous asanas or physical exercises. When performing the breathing exercise in kriya - breathing relaxed, deeply, and slowly - the mind is sure to be calmed. One arrives to one's own center and perceives the divine in oneself: light, sound, pulsation, ie. vibration.

The kriya yoga technique is a combination of the main three yoga paths: karma, jnana and bhakti.

The kriya yoga allows one, in whatever one is doing, to direct one's attention to God. The more one practices, the more clearly one sees that God drives his or her every activity. That way it becomes possible to perceive God at all times. By using kriya yoga, one becomes peaceful in one's activities and active in stillness.

If one thinks of God during the everyday activities, then one enters a state of constant self awareness and is filled with constant joy. With kriya yoga, one can always remain immersed in the infinite and feel the presence of God before, during, and after every activity.